Single Review... Kilto Take - Atonement

They've played our first ever live show and ever since we've been loving everything they've had to offer, back in 2011 I tipped them as #1 band for 2012, it looked like I was a year too early as after hearing "Atonement" I can clearly see them getting even bigger!

This is the first single off the trio's long awaited d├ębut album, after a two year wait for new music from the lads this is a great way to announce their comeback to the scene. "Atonement" reminds us of those wonderful slow Editors songs combined with the euphoria of the early U2 hits. Jon's vocals are on top form here and with the track peaking towards the end this is a song that belongs in the arenas. Kilto Take, welcome back!
Out of 10: 9/10

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