Single Review... Port Isla - Adventures

Port Isla ended up being only one of two artists to have a track as our "Track of the week" section, which is quite a rare thing to happen. They then went on and won the December edition of the vote and ended up having a lot of fans voting for them, a true testament for any band out there! As of today they're back, now in 2013 and with a new song called "Adventures".

Port Isla - Adventures:
The track opens with those delicate harmonies we've been loving ever since we first laid ears upon this amazing act from Norwich. With the Folk and Acoustic vibe flowing through the verses this song instantly warms to you in a matter of moments, with a lovely climax to the song I can see this them grabbing the attention of more music lovers and critics alike. Well done chaps, yet another astonishing track is under your belt!
Out of 10: 9/10

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