Stuff we love - Banquet Records

As every one knows, HMV is rapidly losing it's grip on the world of the savvy music fans. However, a lovely little record shop/label/promoter and generally good guys Banquet Records are bucking the trend.

They're based in Kingston in South West London and they have their own shop located just off the high street, but whenever you place an order online they guys send you your stuff along with a little note, most of the time recommending other artists they think you'd like, and they're always on the ball when it comes to that. Furthermore they even manage to get massive bands and acts to play in-store gigs for them, usually to around no more than 50 lucky people. If they can't persuade them to do that they put them on at their club-night called "New Slang" which operates just around the corner from the shop.

Alongside all of this the shop also runs it's own in-house record label with acts such as Scholars, Tellison, Tubelord and Real Friends releasing material on the Indiest of all the labels! Banquet Records is one of the finest shops/labels/promoters to come out of London in a long time, even going as far as helping the local music scene flourish once more.

If you're ever stuck for ideas, check out their website or pop on into their shop to browse the massive amount of vinyl, CDs and even TAPES!

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