18 Feb 2013

Track of the week... Pixel Fix - Rosa

This is Pixel Fix's latest track,"Rosa", now this is the track that made us want to tell you all about them. It's like what The XX would be if they were 4/5 years younger, the track has it's slow parts and brooding guitars flowing over the smooth vocals. As the track progresses the speed of the track picks up.

Towards the end the song explodes into a 21st century glitchy guitar rock out! Watch out for these guys, 2013 is the year they'll emerge from the depths of Oxford into the forefront of the Indie scene. They've got a great The 1975 feel about them, and also considering that they're a young band they have separated themselves from the tag 'copy-cat band' and are already on the way to building a great fan-base.

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