Album Review... Bastille - Bad Blood

After seeing Bastille play The Horn in St Albans last year we just had to jump on the band-wagon and follow Dan's progression into super-stardom. A blistering set at both Reading Festival and Underground Festival in Gloucester I knew that his album would be just as electrifying as his live sets.

The album opens with the latest single "Pompeii", this track is filled with tribal-esque chanting along with some great lyrics to sing along to and to have inked upon your torso such as "Oh I'm going to be an optimist about this", Dans optimistic approach to this song is well played as you enter the album on the strongest track possible. Next up is arguably one of his oldest tracks and another old single, "Things We Lost in the Fire" has been jazzed up since the EP but that doesn't mean that it's lost any of it's DIY dance feel, the tropical beats are still there winning us over once again. The same can be said for the album title track "Bad Blood", this also has got that summer festival feel good vibe about it, just bringing the album to life just a tad more!

The next couple of tracks are a bit of a slow down, "Overjoyed" and "These Streets" give you an insight to the mind of Dan and past regrets and heartbreaks. As you may know, "Overjoyed" is a sad song that the fans just adore, and this version is the same as the single version released a few months ago, yet it's still not lost that sparkle. "These Streets" is a new song to me that I instantly fell in love with, the same can go for "Weight Of Living, Pt. II", both confirmed to me why Bastille is going to be a great act for the future, the upbeat summer feeling you get from both of them is something you have to adore.

The second half of the album is filled with past favourites of mine including "Icarus", "Flaws", "Laura Palmer", "Get Home" and "Daniel In The Den" But before all of those songs you again you're treated to the simply sublime "Oblivion". A lovely slow piano based track, this gives Dan a track to go back to his roots with. Overall I can safely say that this album is one of the finest d├ębuts of the year, I can see Bastille wowing more people into their world and gaining more fans at shows and playing bigger venues.

Bastille - Bad Blood
Out of 10: 8/10

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