Album Review... Daughter - If You Leave

Daughter; the Indie-Folk three piece band that sprung from Elena Tonra’s work as a solo artist are soon to release their first full length album "If you leave." After three EPs released by the band have been successful it seems the album is highly anticipated by both fans and the music industry. Vogue described the "Wild Youth" EP as 'fluttering heart on the sleeve acoustic.' and it seems that the shivering chill that ran down spines at the first listen of the EP will continue as we uncover the new album.

"Youth", the song Daughter are mostly recognised for is a stand-out track on the album. Hauntingly beautiful and equally thought provoking lyrics such as "Setting fire to our insides for fun" echo the mysterious and enchanting feel that the album creates. The layered guitar and vocal are quite simple but as the song builds and Remi Aguilella puts his sticks to use the song gains a power and the mix of a slight reverb and folky vocal are enough to leave us feeling hollow. This style of instrumentation is similar to that of The XX.

The vocals on the album are consistent nevertheless just as effective on every track, similar to those of Gabrielle Aplin. The complexity of the album is admirable considering the band is made up of only three members. The melancholy feel of the album is set immediately by the track "Winter" which similarly to most tracks on the album starts with simple melodies and the vocal line of Elena and then plunges into a hurricane of vivid instrumental leaving thoughts and emotion running through the listeners mind.

"Tomorrow" hears the screeching of chord changes accompanied by the ever present lyrical intelligence of Elena; the track seems to paint the aftermath of heartbreak and has a very gloomy sound. "Still" is 3:44 minutes of romantic charm, the lyrics describe the perfect lover yet the music remains dismal and whiny and as the track progresses the lyrics turn to agree with the music "two hands digging in each other’s wounds."

"Shallows" is arguably the most upbeat track on the album, finishing it off like a happy ending to a story. It’s simple yet beautiful guitar work makes it easy to imagine the sun shining through an open window or a perfectly starry sky. The juxtaposition of the mellow vocal and the almost rough acoustic guitar glide out at the end of the track (and album) into a simple whisper summing up the gentle and romantic nine tracks that fell before it.

"If you leave" is a magically crafted, charming love story that tells the tale of a heartbreak and it’s consequences. Daughter have done exceptionally well to create such a juxtaposed beauty. Despite its dismal and dreary meaning the album could be listened to again and again whilst singing along.

Daughter - If You Leave
Out of 10: 7/10

Written by - Chloe Wilding

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