EP Review... Kodaline - High Hopes EP

Kodaline's infectious sound is one of the many reasons why they were in the BBC Sounds of 2013 list, and after this EP you can tell why. The heart on your sleeve lyrics combined with the gentile and haunting music just gives the EP that special feel to it.

The release opens with "High Hopes", the fragile vocals just soar above any other we've heard so far this year, the song reminds us a lot of early Coldplay. Something the Dublin four-some don't mind! The next track is another original song, even when they play this song live they play it down to the bare minimum, the acoustic song gives you time to think of all that you miss in your life. Something very unique here is that "The Answer" sounds like it's time-less, a track I loved when they played it live, and a track I'm still loving now!

The next two tracks are slightly odd in my mind, for one a cover of a LCD Soundsystem song - "All My Friends" - and a remix of a track from their first EP - "All I Know" - remixed by Everything Everything. They put their own spin on a song that's a million miles away from their own genre of sound, putting their own heart-on-the-sleeve spin on a song that people already know and love. The remix of "All I Know" is nothing special, but gives you a flavour of what they'd sound like if they were more arty and came from Manchester.

All in all this is a great way to get into Kodaline, a lovely heart on the sleeve opening track, a qwerky remix by Everything Everything, an acoustic song of their own and an amazing cover of an LCD Soundsystem song. The guys are holding back the best for their album, yet this EP still shows us why we're excited to hear more! Kodaline - In A Perfect World is out April 1st on Sony Records/B-Unique Records

Kodaline - High Hopes EP
Out of 10: 8.5/10

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