Track of the week... Iyes - Glow

After being picked up by XFM, This Is Fake DIY and the amazing blog that is this one, Iyes have certainly got their fans, and too right! Yet another graceful attempt at some gentle electronic-pop, but unlike the previous demo this one has more of an upbeat feel to it, with a bouncy drum beat and bass wallowing away in the background making you agree with us that this track is amazing!

Iyes certainly have done really well at getting the listens in, their last demo weighing in at 23,000 listens and "Glow" so far pitching an astonishing 9,000 listens. Iyes certainly know what gets the bloggers excited, this track is easily our favourite of the two. With soulful lyrics coming from Melis and warm vocals from Josh, the duo certainly have their genre bowing before them, move over The XX, we have a new band in town!

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