Track of the week... Only Shadows - Many A Mountain

We've got something brand spanking new here, Only Shadows feature some members of VOWS, and their first song is a right winner, so we've decided to make it our Track of the week. As the band have only been together for around a month now this is their only song to date, yet it doesn't disappoint as they've gone all out on this one to make it as great and as epic as it can be! This song is going to be my anthem for a while after hearing it!

The track is reminiscent of early Bloc Party and Editors, two bands that the band absolutely love. The thing is, they're easy to pigeon-hole and yet it doesn't sound like they're ripping anyone off with their dynamic sound. The rush of guitars in the chorus is something I'd love to see more bands do, everyone is too scared of making tracks like this, however Only Shadows are setting their sights high here with a wonderful debut track. Be sure to 'like' them and keep an eye on future developments. I hear they've got more songs ready to be recorded, and personally I can't wait to hear them!

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