Track of the week... Blisseyes - Manson/HOLD

Blisseyes may have only been roaming around the zone of obscurity for a couple of months, but after a sudden burst onto the live circuit earlier this year they've generated quite the buzz around them. Following in the footsteps of many 'buzz bands' they're ready to explode onto the blogosphere and we're pleased to announce them as our 'Track of the Week'. Well we say that, but we're in love with their AA-side single so much that we're breaking the mould and having BOTH tracks as the feature this week.

Having recently supported rising Indie favourites LOOM, Kilto Take, Coasts, and Casablanca they're now ready to over-take them and be even bigger, and it all starts with their début release. "Manson" starts out very gentle as a guitar and Cook’s vocals welcome you into the track, a bit deceptive really as it then explodes into an epic Post-Punk track with captivating vocals, big and bold guitars, and rushing drums. The sudden euphoria of the chorus is just the beginning of their compelling track, if you imagine the vocals of Tom Fleming (Wild Beasts) combined with Ian Curtis then you're right on the money. The track ends on a high with the chorus being played out one last time before everything stops and you've just got the wash of noise coming to a stop.

This is now why we had to give the whole single release a 'Track of the Week' billing, ‘Hold’ is the AA side to their début release, and much like the A side, this track starts off with Cook’s ever powerful vocals welcoming you into their world, with howling going on in the background this reminds us of a certain WU LYF demo that was being played a lot a few weeks ago by the staff here. Blisseyes on the other hand are not a copy-cat band, as proven when it hits the chorus, the screeching guitar by Crosby dominates the track as you can hear the Bassist (Parker) and Drummer (Collin) do what's needed to be done to compliment Crosby and Cook to create a track that's up there with the best! This is by far one of the best début releases I've heard in a long time, the four-piece have homed in on their talents and have outshone the competition of fellow Post-Punk/Garage bands, they'll be around for a long time if they keep up this level of musicianship!

Live dates:
11th June @ Portland Arms, Cambridge (Supporting Fair Ohs)
14th June @ The Square, Harlow (Supporting LOOM)
12th July @ St Peter's Church, Ely

TBC July/August @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London

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