Interview with... GO GO BERLIN (DK)

They got the hair, the boots, the leatherjackets, they've got the attitude and of course we're also not missing the enormous rock'n'roll voice. "Go Go Berlin" are THE most exciting export Rockband from Denmark. They just released their debut album called "New Gold". Well, first of all let me tell you what I was thinking of first seeing this band live. I've been at the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany last month and seen them three times a day: First show was a promotion-plugged-one, where they've been playing on the smallest stage around. They destroyed it. Authentic as you may can be. They are all very young and got a stagepresence like they haven't been doing anything else in their lives.

It's amazing. There was so much life in there songs and creativity. Organs and well thought out guitar parts and solos. Each and one of them is a genius on the instrument. May it be the drummer, playing very soft and tight what's actually quite hard if you know drumming skillz. And the authentic shelve where they put the organ on with the big sign of "Go Go Berlin". The voice of Christian Vium is maybe one of the most heaviest and remarkable Rock'n'Roll voice of the last past century compared to what I've heard. He sounds something between Steffen Westmark (The Blue Van) or as he says by himself in the upcoming interview Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. We interviewed him to find out more about this surely good stuff called Go Go Berlin:

Hey there Christian. Wow, what a voice we got here. To what does it remind yourselve of?
  • That's always a weird question for me to answer. I've often been told that my voice sound alot like Steven Tylor from Aerosmith on their Done With Mirrors album from 1985. But that's odd to me, since I've never really listened to Aerosmith OR 80's rock for that matter. I just do what's natural for me, and that is to scream my lungs out I guess... Both times I've been to Kings Of Leon concerts people around me said, "FUCK you sound a lot alike" - then I get embarrassed and can't sing along for the rest of the show!
Nice keys you have got in your band. Could you tell me about the other special things wich are on the album?
  • Well.. We often get compared with the 60-70's period of rock music, and I think all the bluesy guitarsolo's got played back then (thanks to 50 minutes solos from Jimmy Page I guess!!!), so I always try to include my delay pedals. I love new stuff as Tame Impala, Pond, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, TOY.... but nowadays the best guitarsolo's are being played by The Strokes !!!

Aarhus. Rocknroll city of Denmark?
  • If rock'n roll was about NOT playing rock'n roll and NOT look like the others... i guess it is!!! I guess we're a bit not-cool in a cool way... But NO, no ROLL-shit is happening in Aarhus!

What other artists should you reccomend to It's All Indie readers?
  • My absolut favorite song is Plastic Bertrand with "Ca Plane Pour Moi", it's an absolut classic! Everything is cool, the guitars, the drums, the production.. THE FREEENCH! But I think, I name dropped a bit before - but check out danish acts like Nelson Can (Girlsband - we're touring with them this fall), Reptile Youth, Baby In Vain (Girlsband! - Heavy stoner grunge), The Blue Van, The Wands... My most-listened-to-album right now is King Krule!

Pure rocknroll outfits you have. Favorite t-shirt of yours?
  • I tend to ruin all my favorit t-shirts really quick because of the meeting of my belt and guitar.. Sadly, but I recently discovered the joy of a simple black turtleneck and a neckless... and then of course I would always recommend any type of fur-clothing!
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