Temples announce début album "Sun Structures"

The British psych-rock band Temples announced through Heavenly Recordings facebook page, that their 100th release will be the début album of themselves. The album will be called "Sun Structures" and consists of already thrown out bangers. Here's the tracklist:

  1. Shelter Song
  2. Sun Structures
  3. The Golden Throne
  4. Keep In the Dark
  5. Mesmerise
  6. Move With the Season
  7. Colours to Life
  8. A Question Isn't Answered
  9. The Guesser
  10. Test of Time
  11. Sand Dance
  12. Fragment's Light 
The band also released a new single on what we flamely can't wait until a hopefully great video also appears. The sound is strong and it consists of strange drum sounds. Angel-like vocals by Begshaw's incomparable compositionstyle and guitarskillz. Their arrangement in their very own special psychadelic-sound makes you feel so loved by the music. You feel the love? Check out their last part, especially when you hear enormous heavy drum compressing. Such a crazy sound experiance what Temples are creating all the time here... One banger hits and comes after another. One single blasting another. Temples may become one of the greatest. It depends on how the might evolve. Their basic level is already, to call it again, incomparable.

Listen to it below!

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