Track of the week... Passport To Stockholm - Chemistry

We only had a Passport To Stockholm track as 'Track of the week' two months ago, yet since then they've been in the studio recording for their up and coming EP. The title track from that EP is "Chemistry" and that's the one we're going to be banging on about all week. Ever since we first laid our ears upon their music we've been in awe of it all!

So the track - that's why we are here! - the opening of the song sounds like the opening to a SRXT by Bloc Party, anthematic, full of strings and with layers of wonderful sounds. The track then slows down to a quiet guitar strum, the strings again and Barny's warming vocals. The track has a sense of the familiar with it, but with the twist they've put on the 'acoustic' song, with the Chello, the looping guitars and the harmonious vocals they've certainly hit upon a great track here!

You can pre-order their EP here!