Musicians Tips for 2014 // Featuring tips from Moats and These Brittle Bones

In a new yearly segment we chat to some of our favourite bands about artists they're tipping for 2014.

Picked by // Matthew Duncan of Moats
"I am currently studying music production at Leeds University and whilst being there I have got very much involved within the electronic scene. Whilst this was going on I had a gig down in London at Tipsy bar and I was very pleased to hear that one of my favourite bands of 2013 "Eagulls" were playing across the street at "Birthdays". After this happened I went back to Leeds to tell my friends about how great the gig was. It was then one of my friends in the 3rd year asked me to check out his flat mates band "Autobahn". I really didn't know what to expect, whether they'd be a kingly jangly indie pop band or even some sort of techno infused jazz. Anyway, for some reason (probably due to intoxication) i forgot to check them out. I then went on a night out to see an act called Akkord. (On houndstooth label) and had an incredible night filled with fist booming techno through a crisp function one sound system. I went back to my friends and got introduced to this dude who played drums in this band "Autobahn". He asked me what I was into and as soon as I said post punk I could see the excitement in his eyes. He then went on to mention how they were great friends with Eagulls. I was then very interested. He gave me a listen to their two track E.P and I was instantly gripped to the heavy, bone crushing, head bobbing sound they created. The first track, "Seizure" is the perfect example of a modern day post-punk tune. However, the second track "Force Fed" has a bit more of a different feel to it with it being at a slower tempo yet still infused with excoriating vocals reminiscent of both Ian Curtis and Johnny Rotton. It's extremely interesting. I think 2014 is going to be a massive year for post punk bands and so it should be with incredible bands from 2013 such as Savages. I am very excited for 2014 and so should you be."

Picked by // Chris Jones of These Brittle Bones
"The four-track ‘EP2’ released this year was more than enough to convince me that Tahliah Barnett is going to be massive next year. The gorgeous experimental beauty is ethereal, beautiful, and sexy all at the same time."

Port St. Willow:
Picked by // Chris Jones of These Brittle Bones
"Having already put out a full length LP last year, being re-issued this year, Nicolas Principe is a huge inspiration of mine, who promises new material and hopes to head over the British shores next year. What I love about ‘Holiday’ is the contrasts between the quiet, dark guitar lines accompanied by haunting falsetto vocals, and the huge crescendoing climaxes overlying exquisite rhythms."

Ed Tullett:
Picked by // Chris Jones of These Brittle Bones
"I’ve spoken to this Brighton Singer/Songwriter online a bit this year, and have been a big fan of the compelling tunes he has put out, such as ‘Oxblood’. Look out for Ed in 2014"

Marika Hackman:
Picked by // Chris Jones of These Brittle Bones
" - ‘That Iron Taste’ and ‘Sugarblind’ EP’s put out this year by 21 year old Marika Hackman, have been a really interesting take on folk and has been a delight to listen to. Full length LP next year hopefully?"