Single of the year 2013 // Blisseyes - Manson/HOLD

We were not prepared when Blisseyes broke out and dropped their début release, not just that but it was a turning point for the band as they finally settled upon a name so they could put something out!

The reason why I picked this was purely down to being blown away on the first listen, you can listen to the single once again, along with a teaser of new material and a stunning remix N.O.N. done for them. This is by far one of the best début releases I've heard in a long time, the four-piece have homed in on their talents and have outshone the competition of fellow Post-Punk/Garage bands, they'll be around for a long time if they keep up this level of quality within their tracks!

Their new AAA-Side single "Annabelle" is due for release early 2014.

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