Sounds of 2014 - #4 - We The Wild

After the sudden split of Futures late last year their fans were wondering when the next time they could see Ant West and his friends in action. Well a month ago a new duo came onto the scene, and guess what? Ant West and Casey Roarty formed a band, they called themselves We The Wild and their first EP was an absolute stormer as we found out only last month!

We The Wild have created the most exciting EP I have heard this year, and for that alone I am going to give them a score that I haven't given to anyone for a long time. The EP is full of interesting and intricate sounds, beautiful vocals & harmonies, gentle tones and the sound of the future. I can see them just getting bigger and bigger of this EP, and I really hope they're going to be as big as Alt-J, because the lads deserve it on talent and integrity alone, the most consistent EP I've heard in a while - just love it! - Don't believe me? Listen to it below!

It would be unfair to compare them against their past work but as far as uniqueness goes they're up there with the likes of Alt-J. Just doing what they love and not worrying about what anyone else thinks, it's just a coincidence that they've created a track with longevity. I'll be certainly eager to check out more of their stuff when it comes out, and would be really interested how they play this song (and others) live.

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