Track of the week... Happyness - It's On You

Happyness are a trio of friends that are set to take 2014 by storm, they are Jonny Allan, Benji Compston and Ashley Cooper. Having known each other for years, playing music and generally growing up together, they've decided to form a band to express themselves. After meandering around playing shows - without a name in some cases - they're ready to come out of the shadows, and with a great track in tow!

"It's On You" has a breezy feel to it, with influences of 90's brit-pop and garage that mould's itself into something that you can listen to while lazing around the house. A real song for the modern man, with lovely twists to the song mid-way through. It's really hard not to hate this song, even if you're not too sure about it on the first listen, you'd be wanting more from the end of the track, I've had myself replaying it already!

With their d├ębut EP being released on 6th January 2014, be sure to check in with them soon as I can see them being a buzz band of the new year! So stick this on and get lazy like a teenager shall on study break.

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