Track of the week... Morning Parade - Culture Vulture

We've been banging on about Morning Parade since I started the website, and now we're pleased to have their closing track off their latest EP as our 'Track of the week". After a rather successful 2012 with the release of their d├ębut album, they went to the USA to write some tracks for the new LP. Out of that came four songs that they couldn't wait to share with everyone, and one of them is "Culture Vulture".

Steve said this about the track - "I'm glad we went balls out on it. "Culture Vulture" was the start of this new record. It was the big bang in the universe that we were creating for ourselves." - The track really is the start of the album, I just love the way it progresses, the way the band have changed their sound slightly, the lyrics, the guitar tones and the melodies in the background. The track really changes from the start to the finish, it looks like the Essex lads are back, and with a bang!

The tracks were recorded in July and August at Maze Studios in Atlanta, Georgia with producer Ben Allen ( Animal Collective, Cee Lo Green). The album is scheduled for release in early 2014. In October 2013 Morning Parade signed to UK Independent label SO Recordings and are set to release "Alienation" EP on December 10th.

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