Biffy Clyro to release B-Sides album "Similarities"

In the same way which they released the B-Sides to the singles from "Only Revolutions" and compiled them to make "Lonely Revolutions". Simon Neil has been talking to Kerrang about doing the same for "Opposites" this year, which will even include some 'new' songs that have yet to be heard by fans. The new compilation album will be called "Similarities" and will once again have around 18+ songs included in it.

The band are well known for releasing everything they've recorded as seen when they put out 4 new songs per single release last year. 3 on the iTunes 'EP' and one on the vinyl release with more being released as special releases for Record Store Day.

The added bonus of the new tracks will make this worth buying for everyone. You can listen to what is arguably the best B-Side from the "Opposite" sessions below - "Watch".

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