Introducing... Rare Monk

Rare Monk are another American underground entity beginning to surface here in the UK. They hail from Portland, Oregon and produce a sparky mix of love from the late 90s alternative era with a splash of psych-rock in a way that makes it hard to place them in a specific genre. As frontman Dorian Aites describes it, “Although we draw upon many genres for inspiration, we’ve been creating our own thing based on nothing other than the idea that, ‘these are the songs we wrote cause they sound cool’”.

The psychedelic, giddy pop five-piece have already knocked up a self-released EP, ‘Death By Proxy’. The thrill of the title track and the funky, decorated, slow burner of ‘Underground’ seem to act as the bands default and as a base for bigger things. The steady percussion, racy guitar and vocal harmonies give the band a unique sound that sonically leaves the heart yearning for more.

In 2014, Rare Monk will release a limited edition 7” AA-side single (‘Splice’ and ‘Sleep/Attack’) via B3SCI Records which is available for pre-order now. ‘Splice’ follows the slow-burner mould but has a vicious, thunderous blow-out which abandons all expectations to deliver straight passion.

For fans of // Minus The Bear, Akron/Family and Of Montreal

Written by - Richard Maver