Interview & Review... Temples @ OneOfAMillionFestival Baden, Switzerland

So Baden had the big honor to have the most exciting band out of the UK at this moment to play at the Royal Baden. It was sold out for sure and there was nothing better than an exhausting pre show by The Slow Show. Not... Now quick words about this band. Either they're were fully pissed or it's just how they act on stage, but to be that uninterested into the crowd and VERY ambient nearly made me puke, I had to flee. What did you expect from a band called Slow show aye, silly Nicolas? Great musicians though. once in a century vocals for sure... So me and my buddies did flew and we entered the last venue of the evening.

There was still space to have a few drinks as seconds after seconds ppl run the place until it was completely packed with interested musiclovers. James Begshaw and his company entered the stage and it was a fully banging start. "Sun Structures" was their kick-off piece and it went on right about this way. Being very authentic and obviously thrown back into the late 60's Glam-Rock show. Their gear was fully known by their videos and sounds on their album, so I especially was super interested in Samuel Tom's Jazzkit. Which, somehow, wasn't there, but that didn't bother me as this kit belonged to a well known local megadrummer. Therefore it sounded right good. Never seen his computer drum kit though. Sam's using some recorded drum sounds maybe to be very similar to the album. I actually must say the album "Sun Structures" has about 60% of pressure unlike their live performances. Temples is the thightest band I have heard ... The Royal Club, in my opinion, hasn't got that much power, either it's because of their soundsystem or just the way on how it's been built. You will know more after the tremendous interview with the lovely soul Sam who gave me some of his time chilling after his Switzerland Tour on his couch at home. Thank you facebook. You keep ppl connected when there about to fill some great M&M's after a hard working weekend while you only want to chill and do...nothing.

Picture taken by Summer Washed Out Photography © Pascal Küng
But sometimes men ARE multitasking-maniacs aswell, have a read now on the interview with Temples' badass beater Samuel Toms:

  • Hi Sam, how's it been since the swiss trip?
"We've just been relaxing since we got back from the Swiss trip. We were in Barcelona for a couple of days before that so we were pretty dead after our flight home. I've been watching Twin Peaks in my pants and eating grapes. Tomorrow we start rehearsing for our UK tour."
  • What can you tell me about the venues you've played?
"The first venue was called the Royal in Baden. I think it was once an old cinema. The crowd were on big steps that went to the back of the room almost like a mini amphitheatre so you could see everyone from the stage and the crowd could see from wherever they were. It was a great atmosphere and someone even sparked up a joint but sadly did not share it with me. The crowd were fantastic and we had a great night.

The second show we played in Switzerland was a festival in Geneva. The concept was to put shows on in weird locations and ours was in a swimming pool! Was really fun show but very warm. A cool idea for a festival."
  •  Did you catch up the One Of A Million Vibe wich is consisting of familiar atmosphere?
"We definitely caught a good vibe from One Of A Million from talking to the locals. Is always hard to tell when its the first night of a festival but everyone seemed happy and up for fun which is enough for us."
  • (The next question was about the thing that I found the Free Download of their debut album early this year by their american label who failed in being secure on the soundcloud download. But no worries I'm buying this on vinyl for sure, and I THINK THAT YOU SHOULD ASWELL) What are your thoughts on digital downloads?
"I have no problem with digital downloads other than the fact that people are missing out on the touch, the smell, the taste and the look of the vinyl. There's nothing like having that physical copy in your hand with the artwork in its full glory. But then that is their loss."
  •  True story bro. Wich interesting ppl did you meet during the show in Baden?  
"I met a couple of the guys from One Sentence. Supervisor who showed me a good time and blew my mind with card trickery. I also met the sister of a member of Swiss band we love called Klaus Johann Grobe who are one of Temples' favourite bands. If you haven't already heard them you must check them out as they're amazing! My biggest regret however was not meeting this guy called Nicolas Streichenberg, I've heard he's pretty cool."
  • HAHA. Thanks, I appreciate that. Cool stuff and thanks for your time. Now have fun chilling out with Twin Peaks. Au Revoir Sam.