Introducing... Ski Lodge

Ski Lodge for me were one of those bands you discover by pure chance, a twist of fate, a flip of a coin, however you want to label it. Lets face it an evening spent scouring through Soundcloud can often churn out some pretty uninspiring claptrap, however when I stumbled across this New York based quartet my attention was instantly ensnared by their punchy drum beats and jangly guitar rhythms.

Since forming in June 2011 Ski Lodge have gone on to release two EPs and their debut album 'Big Heart' under New York City based indie label Dovecote records. 'Big Heart' itself is intertwined with rich production, stunning melodies and catchy but yet meaningful choruses which have been superbly crafted and written by the bands frontman, Andrew Marr.

Marr's songwriting often portrays and deals with sombre topics such as infidelity and painful breakups, however the songs are always delivered in such a way that you will be left singing along word for word. The standout tracks for me on the album have to be 'I can't tell', 'Anything to hurt you' and 'Does it bring you down' they not only offer all of the above but they also set the tone for the rest of the album leaving you wanting to hear more and more.

For fans of // Chad Valley, New Order, Theme Park

Written by - James Hunter

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