Johnny Borrell & Zazou announce new EP

"The Artificial Night EP" is out Monday 28th April 2014 via Atlantic Culture Recordings. Jonny has commented about the release too ...

"On a personal level, I feel like I connected with song writing again, I feel free in terms of song writing, I feel like this is definitely the strongest stuff I’ve done for a very, very long time in terms of songs – that is the very definition of satisfaction. We played to what, 80 people in Paris last night? I would rather play to 80 people who are switched on enough, and unprejudiced enough, to get what’s going on with this band right now, than play to 80,000 people who are there because that’s the CD that’s out this year or whatever. Of course I would, it’s what it’s about."
Track listing:

1. The Artificial Night
2. Cacambo’s March
3. The Camera Song
4. Man Gave Names To All The Animals

Johnny Borrell & Zazou have also announced a new date on Tuesday 29th April in London @ Water Rats - Tickets on sale now!