Live Review... Temples @ Rough Trade East, 10th February 2014

Psychedelic music has never really disappeared but it hasn't made this much of an impact in a while and now with the début album out, it was only right Temples celebrated with an in store gig on the day of release.

Selling out just that afternoon after people flocked in to the popular indie record store to buy their copies of the album, there was a queue around the block to see the chillingly held-back quartet. Being withdrawn in their performances isn't a bad thing, as the crowd realised, the music was still just as powerful and distorted as normal but it's their hidden personalities that make their live performances even more special to watch. It allows people to question who the band really are and what they're about. They become a figure of sound and don't become a temptation to just focus on their personalities throughout the whole set.  

It was quite clear that this gig was going to be completely made of songs from the album, Sun Structures, and what a selection of songs they chose. From the song that shares its name with the album to popular six-minute tracks, each member demonstrated an ability to carefully construct their sounds to make it appear even better when being subjected to the trippy, individual forms that clash together to produce an outstanding collection of songs.

Temples are one of the leaders of the newer bands who are proving just why 2014 is going to be an incredibly memorable time for music as it revives itself and throws out excellent record after record. Whether they know this or not, it's almost impossible to tell. Characters aren't a big part of their band, they're almost a stripped back group who are ready to let everything else do the talking. Any interaction between the band and the crowd were minimal when we were told to “pipe down”, as a sarcastic dig at a silent audience who were, if similar to me, in awe of what they were hearing.

If there's anything you can learn from this leading band playing an in store gig on the day of their album release, it's that they're really bloody brilliant. It's Temples and they have just released a record you need to hear.

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