14 Artists Who Will Be Remembered For One Song, And Very Little Else

This is a touchy subject I know but look through your Spotify or iTunes playlists over the years. It’s unlikely you’ll remember most of the artists you come across for more than the song you see before you. They stick out like a sore thumb in the music industry. Just because they managed to blag a number one once, they were the theme tune to a TV programme or even featured on the adverts either side of it, somehow automatically gives them the right to slither back into their hole.

Here’s 14 artists who made a brief stamp on the music industry, only to be quickly scrubbed over by those with a longer shelf life. 

Alex Clare - ‘Too Close’ (2011)
This was quite a good song as it become one of the first songs to blur the boundaries of indie and dub step music, but then Microsoft got their hands on it, ruining it by using it in one of their adverts. Now festival goers all over the world turn up to see Clare only to realise this really is the back bone to his whole set.

Black Kids - ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You’ (2008)

A man singing, ‘You are the girl, that I’ve been dreaming of, ever since I was a little girl’, was probably as complex as Black Kids got. The confusing lyrics unfortunately weren’t enough to propel them to bigger heights and they’ve done nothing since.

Caesars - ‘Jerk It Out’ (2003)

One of the most infectiously catchy tracks of the noughties and who doesn’t know the lyrics to it!? Made famous by the video game FIFA 2004, the Caesars have since shown less triumph than the Roman Emperor and more blandness than a Caesar salad.

The Drums - ‘Let’s Go Surfing’ (2009)

A nice ditty for the surf-pop fans which had fingers pointing in all the right directions for The Drums. Sadly, they failed to fulfill the hype.

Flobots - ‘No Handlebars’ (2008)

In 2008 you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing this. Since then the band have managed to release three albums, something I’ve only just realised. Tells you it all really.

La Roux - ‘In For The Kill’ (2009)

It could be argued, and I’m sure you will argue, that La Roux had another big hit, just a couple of months later with ‘Bulletproof’, but this was the song set to start the next big female artist. Sadly, we now have Lady Gaga.

Ladyhawke - ‘My Delirium’ (2008)

Another female solo artist who looked to be what the indie scene had been waiting for. Unfortunately, ‘My Delirium’, was really the only worthwhile thing to come from her.

M83 - ‘Midnight City’ (2011)

The theme tune for TV reality show, ‘Made In Chelsea’, catapulted M83, but they haven’t really seemed to do anything with it. The jazzy saxophone at the end of it which sounds as if it’s been taken from the ‘Animal Hospital’ theme tune is still a bit dubious.

OK Go - ‘Here It Goes Again’ (2006)

The catchy song had a crafty video to go along with it, which saw the band dancing on treadmill’s but the buzz didn’t last very long. 

Peter Bjorn And John - ‘Young Folks’ (2006)

Another song to feature on an edition of the FIFA video games, and also on adverts too. It’s a sweet little song but the fact I still think they’re called ‘Peter, Bjork and John’ suggests they haven’t really succeeded as a band.

Phantom Planet - ‘California’ (2002)

Ahhhhh the OC... No I haven’t watched it either but everyone knows this is its theme tune but not necessarily who the hell ‘Phantom Planet’ are. Another band to be totally eclipsed by the power of television.

Spector - ‘Chevy Thunder’ (2012)

This is only two years old but what have Spector done since? They released an album the same year, that a grand total of 0 people spoke about and I’m not sure we should be waiting around for a big comeback either.

The Temper Trap - ‘Sweet Disposition’ (2009)

The most nostalgic anthem of ’09, used to portray the glory of football on a Sky Sports advert. Well it did that and it got us all talking about the band, but they failed to keep us talking I’m afraid, and despite an alright debut album, their second album has had little coverage and they’ve faded away.

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By Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)