Introducing... New Bays

In the recent months, a competition similar to the Hunger Games has broke out and it's become a battle of the bands in Birmingham. With Peace, Swim Deep, Jaws, Superfood and many others taking to the forefront of the competitive army, it is now New Bay's turn to impress the masses.

The quartet, based in B-town, have recently released two tracks which superbly demonstrate an ability to keep the buzz of guitar music going. Through loops and swift chord changes that form a suave, stylistic melody; New Bays are able to make an impact on the music scene with extreme affect and a strong base to help them build up their name even higher as more and more music is made.  
Crystal Blue, one of the most recent released tracks, injects slick vocals with a clear passion for the story the band are telling. Inflicting a sense of a dark, sentimental time on the listeners, the band have definitely focused in on the unique take they give on alternative music allowing a future of making more experimental sounds and playing around with what they have is a definite possibility that would work in their favour.

With gigs lined up with As Elephants Are and Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs in the coming weeks, New Bays are most definitely supporting the future generation of bands who will be taking the lead in an exciting time for music. There is no doubt that this, new but established, band will also be leaving their imprint on the scene once they become known on the live scene.

New Bays have serious potential to push themselves in to a much bigger, and louder, band once they realise even more what works to their strengths and how it can be embedded upon their sound which is almost similar to the incredible guys in The Neighborhood. Watch this band work themselves up to much bigger and better things in the coming months and years.

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