Single Review... Peace - World Pleasure

A track that was only mastered this morning has been released. It's Peace and they have reinvented themselves to remain top of a challenging, yet rewarding game.

It's six minutes of weighty, stylistic grooves and riffs that form from a natural progression of their last album, In Love. What may seem different in World Pleasure is that we hear lead singer, Harrison, follow some influential rap artists to turn their deluxe, unorthodox sound in to a performance of disco-funk.

Injecting a fierce, destructive element between the chords, Peace are single handedly proving that music is not just a fixed thing, it's easily something that can be played around with, developed and advanced in to a motion that causes an uproar by fans across the world.

Taking influence from the, most noticeable, 80s and 90s, the B-Town boys are taking this next album to a form that we never expected. World Pleasure shows intelligence of sound, intellectual movements within their minds that explore areas that many bands wouldn't dare to touch and an ability to compose six minutes of rich, focused, charismatic funk.

If this a sign of what's to come in their second album, expected to be released in the Summer, Peace could be raising the buzz they already had around them to an even higher level.

Out of 10: 9/10

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