Single Review... Suvi - Find You

We've been impressed with Suvi's gradual rise over the past year, and after we heard this track we think she's set to rise even further. It may be unfair to always compare female vocalists to each other but she does seem to be Swedish equivalent to Banks.

With very ethereal tones the track opens with some horns and strings, but as soon as that parts it erupts into an atmospheric track that the whole of the music industry will be going giddy over. Her vocals are simply sublime here and as soon as the chorus hits you just have to concede that she's going to go really far if she keeps up this level of song-writing.

Out of 10: 8.5/10

  • GOLD DUST, Hoxton Bar & Grill [London] - 16th April
  • JaJaJa, The Lexington [London] - 24th April
  • Unitarian Church , The Great Escape - 10th May
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