Gig Review... King No-One @ Fibbers, York, 25th of April 2014

The last of my gig's on my road trip last week was by no means the least with King No-One's EP launch for Millennium. The York based lads kindly invited me down to a packed Fibbers bar and Zach (lead singer and guitarist) was spot on when I spoke to him before they went on stage which is usually when some acts don't want to be distracted, so if that was the case i'm sorry mate! haha

There seemed to be alot of younger fans around on the evening. I overheard a group of young girls having a conversation about how "Joe (Lead guitarist) was so dreamy!". I'm sure the lads themselves won't mind that kind of popularity however if the girls are expecting KNO to churn out tunes anywhere near the likes of "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" then they should probably direct their ears elsewhere.

KNO's blend of melodic rock/indie music is extremely clever in it's delivery and has the rare ability to change your mood from one moment to the next. I find myself almost headbanging one minute to then feeling so relaxed that I need a lie down. For young lads aswell I have to say i'm extremely impressed with their lyrics being that bit smarter than what some would expect for their years. Their Soundcloud page has been allowed to run from start to finish on my laptop several times since I first became aware of them.

Seen as this is a Gig Review I should probably mention that they are quality live. York streets are usually treated to the lads busking every now and then so cutting their teeth in this fashion really pays off in how they interact with each other on stage. When I saw them previously in Hull, you could tell they had some epic tunes but I was slightly dissapointed in the bassist's effort that evening, however he absolutely smashed it this time around... maybe abit of home turf and a bigger crowd got him going, which is fair enough.

'Millennium' is the title track of the EP (Released Now!) and is a beast of tune however I would strongly suggest checking them out in abit more depth.


Fingers crossed for big things from the lads in the future, certainly BBC Introducing slots at R+L will help. Good work lads and keep it up.

JH @jasehare