Gig Review... MT @ The Cumberland Arms, Newcastle, 22nd of April 2014

I have previously written an 'introducing' piece on M T before and I remember writing "If this band pick up though then I'm sure they'll have a couple of classics on their hands" so was keeping my fingers crossed that if I went to see them again they would have some more belters to throw at me, I'm pleased to report that they did!

I have to say that The Cumberland Arms in Newcastle is a really quirky little venue which I think suited hosting M T because just like the band it doesn't seem like much at first but as you explore deeper you become ever more impressed. I don't mean that derogatory to either venue or artist by the way but to look at M T they do appear to be a mish mash of people who would be into totally different genres of music... which to produce their sound I suppose is a good thing.

Before playing the band were milling around and chatting to people so I got the chance to speak to Micheal Tomlinson (lead singer) who was so grateful of us coming to see them he offered me his can of stella but unfortunately I was driving this fine evening. Really genuine guy, we reminisced slightly about when I saw them live before and I commented on his effort as a front man being spectacular previously so I was hoping for more of the same.

Opening with their latest effort 'Dear One' was a quality marker to lay down as straight away as it got everybody in the room moving to its catchy and progressive feel good nature. HINT: throw this on a playlist for any summertime picnics/BBQ's/parties you may be throwing and I guarantee you won't regret it (It's easy to find on Youtube)

The rest of the set was highlighted by a tracks called 'Alpha Romeo' and 'Chains' or at least I think that's what it was called as I forgot to write it down, I was enjoying myself too much probably. Initially plagued by Bass amp failure the band carried on professionally and Tomlinson's ability to create energy out of literally no-where was fantastic throughout the whole set. 10/10 for effort.

I'm glad that MT do have those tunes in their locker that I was hoping for months ago so I can say with certainty that they've cemented a couple of spots on my summer playlist.

Oh nearly forgot... Freddie's mustache is still glorious!

JH   @jasehare