In Golden Tears announce split + a free "Farewell EP"

In Golden Tears have announced late on last night that they won't be continuing as a band, a band that we've raved about so much since day one and under their old name Secrets too.

Below the statement is a link to their "Farewell EP" which is free to download, enjoy, we will miss you IGT :-(

Below is the full statement:

We hope each and everyone of you is doing fine. We haven't talked to you for a while but a lot of things have happened which is why we're taking some extra time to tell you what exactly has been going on with In Golden Tears and what our future looks like.

It was back in 2009 when Patrick H. Kowalewski and Patrick Behrens started a band called 'Secrets' . It was an exciting time for us because we were actually starting to fulfill our dream to become professional musicians. After the first gigs as a duo we soon felt the urge to expand the band to become more creative and to grow as musicians. We were lucky to be joined by Mats Dörband, Robin Shaw and Max Schild who completed the band so it was time for a big change.

And that was when In Golden Tears were born! We worked to the fullest to write songs, rehearse them and to bring them to life by playing them live. We were more than lucky to get some attention in the music business and when we met our manager Colin Lovrinovic we found someone who was willing to believe in us as band and as a true friend. Without him and his Team Humming (especially Vivien Mierzkalla and Jörg Peters) we would've never come as far as where we are now! With this amount of motivation we worked even more and put everything into the band to reach the next level. Still today everything we've achieved feels like a dream. We played at the awesome Dockville Festival three times, flew to Budapest to play at the stunning Sziget Festival Official and it was a huge honor to play at the Hurricane Festival as well as two tours in the UK and countless dates in Europe! So many great memories and all the people we met who helped us on our way. People like Christian Reich from Volkswagen Soundfoundation who gave us a tour bus for one year - which we gave back anything else but 'clean'. I guess you can call it #igtstyle haha

Or Initiative Musik who helped us out with funding and made it possible to record new material and tour Europe. Not to mention all the fans and friends who supported us. We also had the chance to play together with Future Islands, The Drums and The Vaccines just to name a few. We partied with Marc Terenzi and had an awsome time with the guys from Flashguns. With that being said it still feels surreal!

However, even if you haven't heard from us in a while there had been a lot going on within the band. We were working hard on our debut and again we were lucky to work with some of the best producers out there but we've also been through some hard times. We are not going to go into detail, and just want to let you know we are still all great friends and will surely remain so. But sadly we want to inform you that the band In Golden Tears has to come to an end. We have reached a point at which we don't picture the same vision for our band and just aren't able to all invest the same time, love and hard work into it that this band deserves.

We are more than sad to tell you this bad news out of nowhere but there was no other way for us. We want you to know that In Golden Tears could not have existed without you! You were the reason we all started this project and you were the ones who kept us going on further and further! You were the ones who believed in us from the start and we owe you everything!

In Golden Tears means everything to us. It was our greatest passion and we can't be more thankful for everything we have experienced. That's why it hurts even more to say goodbye to you.
As our last step as a band we're going to play one last show in our hometown Hamburg at the place where we started our journey. Prinzenbar Docks

We would also like to share with you the last couple of songs that we have recorded. Hopefully you will enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed writing and recording them.
With love and 'in golden tears‘

Patrick H.K, Patrick B., Mats, Robin & Max.