Interview with... The Away Days

We sit down and chat to Oguz Can from the Turkish band The Away Days about their influences, up and coming shows, new music and soda.

For some people who are not familiar with you guys, how would you describe your music?
A dreamy sound with melodic guitar tunes and vocals, and rhythmic drum beats and simple background keys.

You've supported some amazing acts recently, what was your most favourite show of the lot?
Belle & Sebastian. It was last summer at a lovely venue, on a gloomy night, and for a great audience. Paul Banks show last year was also amazing.
You have certainly got a great sound to your songs, who influences you and why.
Our new songs are so diverse in such a massive scale. We dig into some vintage stuff but plan to sound in a modern way. We generally don’t use external influences during the creation process, but we try different ideas in the mix or mastering stage. But, yes, there are certainly sounds and musicians that we hook into, like Kevin Parker, Ernest Greene, Ruban Nielson, Justin Hayward-Young and Jono ma.

When creating new tunes how do you go about it? Does it start off with a riff/click/beat/lyrics or do you all sit in a room and jam?
Well it usually goes like this. I, Oguz Can, or Sezer finds a riff/loop or beat to build the basic steps of the song. From there we work collectively to try different ideas and give the finishing touches. Often lyrics come last. Sometimes it just happens so quickly and I come up with a whole new song.

Do you have any releases coming up in the year?
Yeah, we are big on singles in the next few months. The first new single is called ''Your Colour'' which we plan to release in May in the UK and US along with Turkey. We have received fantastic feedback for it from producers and people around us. Head of one of the leading US labels first reaction was: “This is utter perfection – a real distillation of your aesthetic”. Later, we will release our second single called “Paris”. We shot music videos for both singles, waiting to be released. Beyond that, we plan to to release two more singles during summer.

And do you have any plans to play anymore shows in the UK?
Well, we're looking forward to playing at some UK festivals and venues. Hopefully we will announce soon.

If you could recommended us ONE band from Turkey to check out (apart from The Away Days) who would it be?
Just came across with a band called ''The Bitchez''. A fresh one with some good rock'n roll tunes from Istanbul.

If you could DJ an It's All Indie Clubnight what songs would you spin?
Discodeine - Aydin , Memory Tapes - Bicycle, SBTRKT feat Little Dragon - Wild Fire

And last question, a non-music one. Pepsi or Coca-Cola?
Sadly, Coca-Cola

Thanks to Oguz Can for answering the questions, as he said, they have some new music coming out soon so do 'like' them on facebook to keep in the loop with them. However, you can check out a teaser for one of the new songs below.

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