10 Of The Best Tracks We Heard This Week (Up to May 3rd)

We're back with TEN of the best tracks we've heard this week, once again they're in no special order and features a wide mix of styles. Keep an eye out for the 'free download' icons as some may be available to download.


Club Kuru - All The Day

Uploaded literally less than 3 hours ago when we published the initial feature, the track from newcomers Club Kuru is simply stunning! The track - "All The Day" really builds up from a simple guitar and drum beats in the first new seconds to something that blossoms into a euphoric electronic track is character. This certainly is a great find, you need to listen to this!

Seoul - White Morning

We've featured the Montreal based band on here before, and for good reasons too! They've not even been around for a full year, but already they're working their way into our hearts with ethereal vocals, smooth guitar lines and shimmering pop hooks.

Grab yourself a free download of the song below - just click on the download icon in the stream.

Lovelife - Angel

The band from London who're currently residing in LA have unveiled a brand new track called "Angel", with Leonard's vocals dominating the track, the light and ethereal synths combined with the acosutic guitar in the chorus gives this track something unique. Who would've thought acoustic guitars and loads of synths would work!

COMPNY - Begging Me To Come

"Begging Me To Come" is the d├ębut track from Brighton's COMPNY, it features really good summer vibes to it. A real drive is behind it with piano keys and even some horns can be heard! Not much is known about the band, but from what can hear it's a nice mixture of good old Bombay Bicycle Club and Mystery Jets.

We The Wild - Paper Plane

"Paper Plane" is the first track to be streamed from the duo's forthcoming EP "Vol. II", which is out sometime this Summer. Since we heard from the band last they've toured around the UK with Dan Croll and have got a whole lot more people listening to their music. Check out the laid back electronic track below.

IYES - Toys (Demo)

The hotly tipped Brighton duo have unveiled a brand new song, it's still in demo for but to be honest this can be released tomorrow and it would still sound just as fresh! The band are currently surfing the hype wave and will soon be crashing down into the charts with songs such like as their latest demo. Head over to their soundcloud to grab a FREE download of a Beyonce cover!

Port Isla - Next In Line

As we had their song "Steamroller" as 'Track of the week' we also checked out their EP, and this gem was 2nd track in. "Next In Line" isn't what I'd think of when I think of Port Isla, less folky than their other material yet still has such a summer drive behind it with the silky vocals, piano keys and fresh guitar tones.

Coasts - Golden City

"Golden" is a brand new track from Coasts and it's set to feature on their new EP - "Oceans". The track as a distinctive 90's beat to it, with trembling guitars and oh so danceable rhythms. Scroll on down to check it out.

Cloud Control - Dammit

Cloud Control popped into Triple J to perform a cover earlier on this week, and the band has taken Blink 182's "Dammit" from a utter rock song to an acoustic gem. Watch them perform it below.

The Horrors - Chasing Shadows

Possibly the ONLY way we could finish our TEN tracks of the week. The Horrors' new album was streamed and as soon as the opening track finished we knew we were in love. A FULL stream of the track is below, enjoy!