EP Review... As Elephants Are - Hand Prints EP

Through a consideration to not rush things and pay precise attention to detail, As Elephants Are are about to hit us with an EP that will give them a lengthy and well deserved leap closer to the big time.

The four-piece from Buckinghamshire have been impressing musically tuned ears all round since the release of their debut track, 'War Cry', almost two years ago now. A year later, 'Crystal', confirmed that the band had a lot more in their locker than just one euphoric tune and slots at Reading and Leeds recognised them as one of the finest new bands around. The release of the 'Hand Prints EP' sees a gentle soar in the right direction to becoming one of the most talked about bands around.

Debut track, 'Hand Prints', kicks off where previous track 'Crystal' left off. It's twinkling and vivacious nature burst the first of the four tracks straight into life. The regal and euphoric trumpets highlight the growing maturity of the band's music and the track itself has been recognised by the likes of Sky Sports as backing-tracks to glorious weekend morning football shows.

Second track, 'Kingdom', is just as big as 'Hand Prints' and makes use of lead singer, Ben Stratford's, wavering vocals, refracted by a gripping and echoey electric guitar. The stand-out moment of the EP comes 2 minutes 30 seconds into the song as the band switch from a deep moodiness to an uplifting, danceable rhythm. Their ability to shift between serious undertones to a more upbeat, jubilant tempo is one that is hard to rival.

'Souls' brings us back down to earth and shows off the beautiful intensity that can be brought about through As Elephants Are music. It's brooding, and ready to make the ground shake beneath you, much like the band's debut track, 'War Cry'. This is followed up by final track, 'Went Wrong', a slow-tempo, alternative love song with an ear-ringing riff and heavy bass throughout which builds up to yet another big finale for As Elephants Are.

The problem with an EP is you'll often have a track, maybe two that won't ever quite reflect the potential of a band. The wondrous problem with As Elephants Are though, is that this isn't the case. All these songs could easily fit onto a debut album. All are anthemic, gripping and individually brilliant. Their ability to avoid force-feeding fans with music every month but instead to take care over what they produce is what will make them triumph in the music scene.

'Hand Prints EP' is due for release on 5th May 2014.

As Elephants Are - Hand Prints EP
Out of 10: 9/10