Gig Review... HAUS @ The Horn, St Albans, 29th April 2014

We've seen Haus play to a packed crowd in London's Old Blue Last last year, and it was great to catch up with the band when they came to St Albans as a tour support for JAWS. To be honest with you, I was more excited to see the London band more than I was the headliner, and as it turns out they were well worth the mileage I put on my car.

It's always a welcoming feeling when a band member welcomes you to the gig, so even before they played I was eager to see them perform. The band took to the stage after the mighty Lucid played out a tremendous set. They started with an instrumental intro and delved straight into the infectious track "Yankee" which is a track we put up as track of the week last year, after that was a duo of new songs. They both got the crowd moving with the young girls down the front looking upon at Jack (vocals) like a god, seriously they were loving him!

After that they played a song off their "Bless" EP, "Green" is a relaxed track compared to the rest of the set, taking a slower BPM than usual but this gave the crowd time to get ready for the foursome of tracks they had lined up. "Luck" was swiftly followed by one of their oldest tracks "Token", which is one of their fastest tracks, it had a real drive and certainly has the crowd moving! The set closed with another newer track "H.O.N.E.Y." and then concluded with "February".

I swear they have the right people interested in them, and after this live performance they are certainly making the right impression. I also want to point out I swear they played a track called "Ceasefire", maybe my mind is playing tricks on me, but it was a great half-an-hour set, one of the best I've seen in a while, hence the write up. They're one of the most exciting live bands around, all they need now is a label to take them to the next level

Haus played:

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