5 Q's with: The Delta Riggs (AUS)

So a bit more than a year ago, Australian bands have been taking over the world. There was (is) Tame Impala, Jagwar Ma etc. and of course if you have been at those nasty Newcomer/Art/Media Festivals like The Great Escape and you missed a Delta Riggs show, well then you're pretty much not informed about what it is all about those filthy heelers. The Delta Riggs have been touring uncountable weeks through whole Europe and the UK.

And oh gosh, they did spread the word of Riggedy Delta Riggs. Their live shows are incomparable (as far as I heard) and should be given way more attention. Well well well, Elliot Hammond is the leads-inger of Aussies' most extravagant musicians. After a quick talk, I was excited again what is about to happen very soon with 'em. Have a read and be greedy about the music of The Delta Riggs:

What is the most "Baller Show" you had so far on your EURO Trip ? 
    "Hard to say, either blues and Ribs Festival or Molotov in Hamburg."

      What are you plans in Australia afterwards? 
         "Plans are to release our new single then the record in September then back to the USA in October."

          Where did You find the best beer and what's it called? 
             "All the beer in Europe is of a superb quality, to single out a single type would be difficult. There were some rad boutique beers in Belgium."

              Any new bands you explored? 
                "Yeh this band called birth of joy? Or bird of joy? Drummer is raaaaaad."

                  "Supersonic Casualties" album. When what , tell me everything...
                    "September, I am super excited about it. Frothing."
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