9 Reasons Why Seasfire Are Going To Be Massive

We're not ashamed to say that we love this band, ever since we got their first demo in our inbox we've been loving every track that's come out from the Bristol based band. Here's 9 reasons why we think they're going to be one of the next big things.

1 - They're all rather dashing! And when it comes to music, having good looks just enhances your potential, I mean who would want to look at someone like Louis Suarez while they perform on stage, surely you'd want to look at four strapping young men.

2 - This song below was their first song as a band, and you can now see why we liked what we hard on the first listen! "First and Last Time" is a slow that just shows off Josh's vocals, the intricate piano work and the smooth bass lines. 

3 - When they're not wowing us with their own material they can turn songs by Lucy Rose and banks into their own, and with great results. When they actually covered the Lucy Rose song "Shiver" the song wasn't even released yet and they based their cover on live recordings and acoustic sessions. The cover of Banks' "Warm Water" has seen them perform the cover at shows across the UK and even played during live sessions.

4 - They're not just great musicians, they're also pretty damn good at remixing songs. For example here's Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem", and you can easily hear the Seasfire in this remix with the deep bass in the background, the processed drum-work and the big sound coming from your speakers!

5 - Their song "Heartbeat" wows everyone, EVERYTIME they play it live - it's a slow jam but does the job of capturing the crowd instantly and can even shut up the chattiest of punters by making them stand there in awe of it!

6 - "We Will Wake" was the lead song on their d├ębut EP of the same name, the track was mixed by Dan Grech who has had involvements with Lana Del Rey, The Vaccines and Hurts. With Dan seemingly to prefer the electronic bands his mix of Seasfire's "We Will Wake" went on to gain the band critical acclaim. Don't take our word for it of course.

7 - Their music videos. you can check out the video for "We Will Wake" below, yes the band may be in the early stages of coming onto the scene but that doesn't mean they have to record themselves in their home studio doing a song.

8 - Their last song was released last year - "Oh...Lucifer" was one of their best songs to date, and with the band in the studio working away on new material there's one thing for sure,  it'll be massive and when it comes out people will be all over it!

9 - They're pretty damn good live!