Track of the week... Tenterhook - Chemicals

Tenterhook - aka Archie Faulks - is a singer-songwriter who sold out his FIRST EVER show at the famous Jazz Servants Quarters in East London earlier this year. His latest demo is called "Chemicals" and the full version will appear on his début EP which is due out in September. We've been playing this track a lot over at IAIHQ and we seriously think that he can easily be one of the 'Ones to watch' for 2015, early I know but everything he has released so far is stunning!

You might be forgiven to think that this guy has come through a reality programme with vocals that's so sweet and polished, X Factor and The Voice are all way too out of his league as his abilities to sing are astonishing. You NEED to hear this and check out the song below. It's currently only available as a stream, but like I said before, his début EP shall be released come September.

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