IAI found the "Official Summer Song 2014" - New Music by THE DELTA RIGGS

WOW. What did we expect from the Australian nastiest quadruple The Delta Riggs? Well, what we didn't expect is to bring an absolute groovy bassline which ultimately brings you into the move you've been searching for all half summer long. And "oh boy" did you even hear this mid-tempo drum triole? Extremely tasty I suppose?

A band with many styles is what I wanted. A band with many styles I GOT brothers and sisters.
"The Delta Riggs" should be tatted all over humankind's skin. Here we go: "THE RECORD'S FLAWED" is their new single coming upon the new record "DIPZ ZEBIAZIOS"!

Wanna hear the Summerhit? Click onto this link of Rolling Stone Magazine Australia!

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