The Drums announce new album "Encyclopedia"

The Drums marked the release of their forthcoming album "Encyclopedia" with packed out roof top show in NYC this week. Their third studio album "Encyclopedia" is released in the UK on September 22nd.

The upcoming LP marks the first time since the Summertime! EP that Jacob and Jonny have been left to their own devices, with no need to seek approvals. The result is an exciting display of personal emotion and an unashamed songwriting style. UK dates are currently being lined and will be announced shortly.

  1. “Magic Mountain”
  2. “I Can’t Pretend”
  3. “I Hope Times Doesn’t Change Him”
  4. “Kiss Me Again”
  5. “Let Me”
  6. “Break My Heart”
  7. “Face Of God”
  8. “U.S. National Park”
  9. “Deep In My Heart”
  10. “Bell Laboratories”
  11. “There Is Nothing Left”
  12. “Wild Geese”
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