Track of the week... We The Wild - Trampoline

"Trampoline" is the latest song to come out from London based duo We The Wild, it's the second song off their second EP, but don't let that fool you into thinking that it's their second best song. Its far from that, it's up there with some of the best Alternative tracks of the past 12 months. Some instant comparisons are drawn against Cambridge band Alt-J, but the band are adamant to make a bigger sound every time they release a track to their fans.

So the song - it starts off with claps and a wash of gorgeous electronic noises, it parts way to Ant's smooth and silky vocals and a simple but effective guitar. Who would've thought that so little instrumentation can hold so much beauty. The chorus is one that can easily fill the largest of tents at festivals, just imagine the sun and you're there! The track takes a slow turn around the two minute mark but builds and builds and erupts to finally end in an abundance of noise. Anthematic and addictive, We The Wild have done it yet again!

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