Yawning Dog unveil 'Sugar/Jar'

Straight outta Hemsworth comes the self-proclaimed 'tightly packed quartet of orchestrated noise monkeys' or in other words - Yawning Dog, a band taking on a new take on grunge; complete with droney reverb riffs, fuzzy rhythm guitars and a storming entry of drums, bass and vocals.

Even though the band have only recently come to life, IAI wrote about the band when releasing their self-produced 'Nothing To Say / Drift' which received many positive reviews. The band consists of Sam Womersley, Ryan Laws, Daniel Wearmouth and Joe Prochera. Now with more and more gigs on the way including Long Division and a load strapped firmly to their belt (including a youth offenders prison), have unveiled their first proper single in the form of the double A-side 'Sugar/Jar'.

'Sugar' is an electric single which perfectly demonstrates what Yawning Dog are all about. The feature of a glockenspiel playing the riff alongside the reverb-drenched guitar riff works perfectly alongside the growly guitars. Both tracks are relatively short in length which really shows the energetic urgency the band represents. Womersley's severely northern voice also almost acts as a signature stamp for the band. The production on the tracks emphasises the punchiness and I'd love to see both songs performed live. 'Jar' is more of an exploration through their destructive sound and works well alongside 'Sugar'.

I'm hoping that the potential these guys currently hold will soon materialise in to an explosion of sound in their next recordings, they've got a lot to offer! 

Yawning Dog will play:
30th July - Fenton, Leeds
2nd August - Flannel Fest, Temple of Boom, Leeds
3rd August - Long Division warm up, Castleford
5th August - Parish, Hudderfield
8th August - The Empire, Swadlincote
23rd August - Carpe Diem, Leeds