NEW MUSIC: One Sentence. Supervisor - [DIVER]

"Temples" are aware of them. "NEU" would be very proud of these Swiss guys and "Toy" should be felt very honoured to be a such big influence to One Sentence. Supervisor.

The Swiss music scene is about to expand in new genres finally and also is giving delicious kraut to it's soup. And when I'm talking about soup, I mean those nasty tasteful ABC-Noodle Soups. Really good stuff you know... DIVER is something to jump in. A world within reflecting melodies and extravagant compositions collected in a five piece classic arrangement: DrumGitSynthBassVox. Epic.

All you need for good 80's Wav. Outstanding calm voice of "Donat" turns you into a wobbling creature, clicking your heels onto the floor. Sometimes off-beat, sometimes on-beat. And yeah, the longer...sometimes somewhere else. But it's what they do to you. They take you to somewhere else. I do not reveal where, you got to have a taste of it by your own man? Go for it. You'll wake up extremeley heavy as the song stops in the DEFINITION of abrupt. Just like thi . . .

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