Single Review... Billy Lockett - Old Man

I came across Billy Lockett trough some long winded circumstances, but essentially I met one his his friends randomly in Rhodes a few years back, and after she recommended him to me I never looked back, and with his latest EP out soon we had to check out the lead track "Old Man".

He's not one to keep emotions to himself and earlier in the year he lost his dad, which was a big loss to him, so what else would a talented young man do, but write a song about the man that made him who he is. It's certainly a heart-felt track and with his talent on the piano, and he's gotten himself a name as one of the up-and-coming singer-songwriters, following in Tom Odell's footsteps we hope (number one album please). So back to the track, with loads of instrumentation in the ballad you certainly have to listen to it more than once, and why not, you can't help but love the charm of this song!

Billy Lockett is certainly a bright talent for 2015, just remember where you heard his name!

Billy Lockett - Old Man
Out of 10: 9.5/10

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