Tenterkook unveils self-titled début EP stream [IAI PREMIÈRE]

Tenterhook - aka Archie Faulks - is a singer-songwriter who sold out his FIRST EVER show at the famous Jazz Servants Quarters in East London earlier this year. His debut EP has been one we've been looking forwards to ever since we first heard the demo for "Stereo" and most recently "Chemicals". We've been playing him a lot over at IAIHQ and we seriously think that he can easily be one of the 'Ones to watch' for 2015, early I know but everything is falling into place for this talented musician.

The EP opens up with the tender track "Stereo", one of his first songs that helped sell out a show in London earlier this year, you can easily tell why people were excited to see him, crisp vocals, a song that builds and builds to end in a dramatic way, a radio friendly song for the 21st century, who needs garish videos and outlandish statements, all Tenterhook needs is his voice! After the opening tracks departs it gives way to his biggest track - based on listens - "Chemicals", it's a track that follows the same principles of the one before it, but with a faster chorus and more prominent guitars and without the piano keys there too this track is more relateable for even the heavily bearded hipster. With a strong set of harmonies assisting the track, it's one you have to just play and play again!

The second half of the EP takes a slower turn, showing Archie's softer side, "London Heart" features the wonderful Stephanie Fraser, and I'm a big sucker for gentle boy girl vocals, hence why I loved the second Bombay Bicycle Club album and most recently the work from Los Campesinos! But this track is so simple and yet so beautiful, just proves that you don't need a massive pedal board and a crazy drummer to sound good, all that's here is a set of vocals, some strings, delicate piano keys and a strong heart-warming song, easily the centrepiece of the EP

The EP ends on "All Out", aptly named if you ask me as this is the most experimental track of his, really reminds me of early Lianne La Havas with the finger picking in the guitars and the deep drums echoing in the background. His vocals are really on show here with him hitting the high notes with ease and this six minute epic could easily just be one of the hidden gems of the year so far, if you make it to the end of the EP - which you clearly just have to for this - then you'd be rewarded with a simply stunning performance. The latter half of the song is strongly reminiscent of Wild Beasts, but Archie has certainly made a sublime EP!

You might be forgiven to think that this guy has come through a reality programme with vocals that's so sweet and polished, X Factor and The Voice are all way too out of his league as his abilities to sing are astonishing. You NEED to hear this and check out the EP in full below!

Tenterhook - Tenterhook EP
Out of 10: 10/10

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