Track of the week... Lovelife - Nova

They have one of the best sounds in Indie-Pop right now, thick bass lines, choruses that the masses can sing-a-long to and lyrics that you can relate to, unlike much of the 'chart' music these days. After being driven around in a battered old Vauxhall for most of the 90's I already like this song as it reminds me of my young years. Unlike the red tin I was carted around in this "Nova" is a great new song by LA via London foursome Lovelife, who we've been somewhat been following since the early demos.

What's one that sets them aside from others is that they're not ones to tour a lot, and rely on a big social media following. With this loads of blogs, other musicians and even music labels are looking at them with open ears. A fresh new sound with some ferociously catchy songs, for example their single before "Angel". You can even hear some strings in this song, proof that this band isn't afraid of mixing things up when it comes to defining who they are.

They're not a band that copies others, but with this sounds expect loads of other bands soon to be sounding a lot like Lovelife, 2015 will be the year that defines them, but why not jump on the band-wagon now! After hearing "Nova" you might just have to do that!

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