Demob Happy Stream Debut Single

Demob Happy’s latest single, Succubus, has been put on their Soundcloud for fans to hear.

The single, due for release on November 17th, is their debut and keeps the garage-rock ethos within their sound. It’s got a hint of serious grunge to it and demonstrates the band’s ability to create a track with huge volume. Not only that, it was also mastered by Andy Jackson – Pink Floyd’s engineer.

“It's about being sold an obsession in stuff. What's harmless to you feels like a love sucking demon bitch to me, quasi-supernaturally so, who leaves your front door open but your mind on pause.” Says frontman, Matt Marcantonio, about the single.

The debut track is to be released as a digital download and 7” vinyl via the band’s label, Milk Parlour Records. A cover of Technohead’s “I Wanna Be A Hippy” will feature as a B-side.