Gig Review... Nick Mulvey @ The Leadmill, Sheffield, 24th October

Nick Mulvey has been nothing short of a sensation over the past 12 months. 'Who remembers coming to see me in a pub up here last year, right at the beginning?', he calls out in between strums of his guitar to a Sheffield crowd notably bigger than a year ago.

It seems to have become a fashion for just about every young man to equip himself with a guitar and produce a husk of a voice behind the mic. Whilst Mulvey's vocals aren't the most rasping, he lets the tender, blossoming nature of his melodies do the talking. From start to finish, he and his band produce trembles which breeze through a still and captivated crowd at The Leadmill.

Having spent the summer playing to an ever-growing fan base at different festivals, the 900 capacity crowd shouldn't stutter him and his intense, tight-knotted unraveling of opening song, 'April', quickly has everyone under his controlling gaze. It's a gentle opening but by the time 'Meet Me There' bursts into life, the nostalgia weaves its way around the crowd. The most intriguing song of the set, 'Venus', changes up the show altogether, as do the different instruments adorned by Mulvey's band members, with what looks like a bouzouki making its way onto stage at some point.

Where he may not have the upbeat, pop factor of Ed Sheeran or George Ezra, Mulvey's few upbeat songs glisten brightest with 'Juramidam' being an infectiously bouncy celebration about alcoholic beverages and arguably the gem of his debut album 'First Mind'.

The show gradually matures as it goes on, eventually reaching top gear with crowd favourites 'Feel To The Form' and the tongue-twisting 'Cucurucu', which unsurprisingly gains the biggest sing-a-long of the night with 'hums' buzzing around the room. However, Mulvey's not going to go out without a gentle acoustic 'bang'. A pleasantly surprising encore includes a sobering rendition of Drake's 'Hold On, We're Going Home' and is accompanied by 'Nitrous', which takes a pinch of lyrical material from 90s club classic 'You're Not Alone'.

Whilst not the most raucous show, he's a real treat to see live, showcasing both his most delicate solo talent as well as that of his all-empowering band, but above all, it will ensure goosebumps are left firm and mouths agape.

By Josh Shreeve (@JJShreeve)

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