NEW MUSIC: We Are Magnetic (CH)

It's never easy to describe a powerful song on which you'll find each and every second great colorful arrangements and a successful played popsong. So nicely written, as it could be coming from the northern skies, where the scandinavian clouds touching the farmer's cows and sheep and everything what's lying on the morning dew. Scandinavian morning dew? What the fuck? Nope, nothing from up there. Nothing out of the mainly swedisch influenced atmosphere, but surely you can pick up lines from influences like Duné or Lykke Li. THESE GUYS ARE MORE SWISS THAN THAT FAKE HOLED CHEESE YOU BUY IN THESE SHIT CONVENIENCE STORES. They are from Bern (Capital city) and rather look normal - now compared to a leadsinger from The Orwells. No seriously. If you hear their music it's absolutely a clear state of mind you can imagine. You have to. Because their promo picture doesn't tell you much about what they look like. Another great idea to focus on the music the artist is writing and offering you... It was produced by the famous swiss Indie-producer Phil Laffer as he always produces great music. It's what you say. We don't. I can't explain myself why they worked with him rather to join themselves for producing it by themselves. Nowadays, it doesn't cost that much money to build up your own Room Studio. But maybe it's just that I always wanted to hear something selfproduced by these lads. Better luck next time. Well I got pleased by the "Single-Cover" of the year. To be honest.

The duo knows how to write songs. Or I just wouldn't know why I spent my whole last teenagebreath listening to their old band "CHOO CHOO". That vocal always reminds me of the great mainly short meetings on where I accidently or on purpose had chats. Lovely ones and hopeful ones. Making the "young" artists tasty on what you might can achieve if you only wanna do these stuff. HA. Well they never really said things like that to me but this band gave me this feeling. Know what I mean? Good lads, incredibly talented songwriters and great gear lovers. I couldn't imagine a swiss music scene without the Choo's. It wouldn't make any sense. At no time. So what makes sense is to put up a new band and smashing it into the spotify playlist scene. OVER nearly a quarter million plays is what they achieved within one single called "You Say We Don't". Great isn't it? A hype within a hype. Inception? Nope. Nothing unreal comes with. Only great classic Pop. Bouncy and usual. 100% Earworm. Earworm for all swiss radiostations who immideately picked it up. Also swedish (bazinga!) station Gimmeindie made their earway(v)s to We Are Magnetic.

The band is telling you how it all came to this second single:
"Never Easy is the second single by us. The track was written right after one half of the duo returned back home from a long trip through Asia. It was the first piece of music that broke out of the songwriter, as soon as he had his fingers back on an instrument after months of musical abstinence." - Daniel "Dänu" Joerg, We Are Magnetic

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