The Water Rats venue in London turns into a Bargain Furniture Shop - Internet Reacts!

In a photo that popped up on my timeline today with friends sharing the photo and speculating about the future of the venue, it seems that a lot of people don't care if the venue goes as some past promoters have seriously tarnished the name - one example is MONTO.

I remember going to see a few gigs there, one ran by SPC - it was great, two awesome bands and a intimate gig, the other, not so much, it was ran by 'MONTO', who's notorious for booking upwards of 5 bands to play a night and charging everyone to enter, even if you're a parent of the band member, photographer or even idustry! With such stupid deals as 'bring 30 mates and THEN get paid a tenner', it was known to have people flock out of it as soon as your mates band finished as it was poorly organised, mainly by Monto, and charging a £15 for some random bands who were just so happening to be playing the same bill as a band you liked.

Some of the reactions left in the comments section below the image on facebook are just pure gold!

Mauro Venegas - "So long as it's not run by Monto then all good by me"

Simon Drowner - "Do they throw 5 or 6 totally unsuitable pieces of furniture together and charge you a bomb for them?"

Ashley St Ives - "I bet there's still an entrance fee."

Jim Rhesus - "Do other people who are buying furniture instantly leave when anyone else walks in to buy furniture?"

Atomic Suplex - "If twenty five friends bring eight pounds you might be allowed to buy a table leg".

Richard Adderley - "For logistical reasons there is only one set of chair legs which all the chairs have to share."

Matt Rigsby Smith - "On a bill with five completely unrelated acts and nobody got paid?"